Failed to load RSL: Error #2032

Yesterday i was just going through my usual work when i got a client mail pointing to me that he is getting “Failed to Load RSL” and “Error #2032”. Not knowing the exact cause, I tried to dig into the issue and Googled for this. The only solution i could find is to use Failover swf file for RSL(Runtime Shared Library). But nothing concrete. Because serving a swf file instead of swz file was not the option i want to go with as the swf file will be placed in the browser cache, which many people clear from time to time, whereas swz file will be placed in the Flash player cache, which someone rarely reached to clear.

Then it came to my mind that it could be a #2032 i.e. stream error. That means that my application is not picking up the RSL i.e. framework_..swz file from the specified location. I checked the swz file and it was there. So tried to view that swz file in browser by browsing to that file manually http://……/framework..swz and to my surprize I got 404 page not found error.  What does that mean? it means that IIS is not able to stream that file to my browser or is not recognizing the file extension or mime-type. So i searched again for the .swz mime type, it’s the same as of swf file but only the extension is different so i updated it in IIS. Following are the steps to update in IIS:

Steps to update mime type in IIS:

1. Open up IIS

2. Move to website folder

3. Right click on web site folder/virtual directory and open properties

4. Open up HTTP Headers and click on button at bottom in the tab “File Type”

5. Click “New Type”

6. Enter ‘.swz’ without quotes in Associations Extension and ‘application/x-shockwave-flash‘ without qoutes in Content type (MIME). Click ok and and you are ready to go.


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  1. I had the same problem, but in a different way as some clients where getting this error while others not and when I tried what you did manually browse the swz file I got 404 error so I added the mime type but still the clients are getting this error.

    Do you have any ideas what could it be?

  2. I also sometimes face something similar . You can do 2-3 things here. First of all you have to contact one or two of your clients who are getting this problem.
    1. You have to check with them if they are still getting 404 error? If yes then it’s IIS/web server problem as 404 error is generated by web server.
    2. Secondly clear all your rsl files from hosting server and compile fresh rsl files and then upload them and ask your clients if they still have problem or having the same error? sometimes this problem arises out of different file version of RSL file used in the code and one that has been bundled out for hosting.
    3. Make sure you have failover swf files over there alongside your rsl(swz) files. At least your clients wont be getting any rsl related error while viewing content on your site..

    I hope that will give you some direction. BTW do try to get exact error from clients. Sometimes it’s different error and we lookout for different solution.

    Thanks Vivek.

  3. Hey I have uploaded my site at
    It use Apache Server. I am getting this RSL Error 1 of 1 and #2032 Error.

    In the system where my Flex 3.0 sdk is present, its working fine.
    But apart from that its giving error.

    Please tell me the solution in detail so that I can fix this bug soon.


    • Hi Vaibhav, Have you verified if you are able to access the swz file directly using http://… url? As mentioned in the post?
      Apache server will also give 404 error if it’s not able to recognize the extension. For that you have to contact to look into the matter as they have the web server control here.
      p.s. make sure you have failover swf files hosted along with rsl files. So that even if someone is not able access the rsl file is not deprived of from viewing the site.

  4. Hi,
    We have a web based Flex application that one of my customers is having trouble accessing. She sees the following error:
    RSL Error 1 of 1
    in the middle of the screen and an

    Error #2032
    at the bottom of the screen.

    The customer is getting error both on IE 6 & IE 7. Flushing the cache, reinstalling Flash didn’t help either

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi Ravi,
      First of all it’s not client end problem. i.e. reinstalling flash player wont solve this problem. The problem is mostly with packaging or relaying the content from server to client.
      Have you tried accessing the swz files directly from the server? If that’s working. Make sure that your solution is freshly compiled with rsl files and the rsl files on the server are latest one which you get after compilation.
      Secondly do make sure that you compile rsl solution with failover support i.e. swf files and swz files both. So in case client end is not able to access swz file. Your application will download swf files and run it.
      Hope that will help it.
      Thanks, Vivek.

  5. I am using RSL to reduce swf file size.
    I am using ant to compile project ,i have added

    in my ant file, and copied framework_3.2.0.3958.swf and framework_3.2.0.3958.swz to depyoment folder. That way i am able to reduce file size but not able to do cache it.
    I am using firebug to detect so its giving error like framework_3.2.0.3958.swz 504 error host not found.
    Pleas elet me what shd i do to enable cache.

    • Are you behind some proxy? It seems the error you are getting is being generated from proxy server or gateway.

  6. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt awwwwwwww

    so as I read all of this am I understanding yall right this is a website error not an end user error mesage. thats not cool.

    so the webmasters must fix it and no I the lowly video watcher. booooo

    • Yes, in case you are not able to access .swz file from your server, it’s web server problem.

  7. I am having the error #2032 problem described above but it is because I am behind a proxy. Some of our users enter through a proxy and the RSL download fails for them. Basically, the proxy server rewrites the URL in a predictable way, but I do not see a way to tell Flash Player to load the RSL using a different URL (still in same domain). Does anyone know if this can be done?

    For example, the URL Flash Player is trying to load:

    The URL that works through the proxy:,

    If I could just tell the Flash Player that this is the URL to use instead I think I could have a chance.

  8. […] when I tried to hit the swz file it showed up as could not be found. I found this post related to mime type in IIS and checked with my servers host technical support and they changed the settings as per the link […]

  9. Thanks for this life saver. I was coming at this problem from the wrong direction for a long time until I found your post.

    I would really like to know how to set up flexbuilder to create both the swf and swz versions for failover.
    How would I specify the order to download them? does it matter.

    Thanks again

    • In flex 3 we used to get 2 different files as output swf and swz if we setup framework linkage to “runtime shared library”. At that time we were suppose to upload both swf and swz framework files to server and if swz fails to download for some reason it would download swf file in browser cache and start the flash app. But since release of Flex 4 this process has been changed now Flash builder no more create swz file it has default path setup for swz from adobe site. You can check that if you click plus icon in front of any framework file name in Build Path library section. It only outputs failover files i.e. swf files from framework libraries in the local directory where your compiled flash app swf file is created.
      You have to upload all those framework swf files along with compiled flash app swf file so that in case for some reason your flash app is not able to download or execute swz files from adobe site it downloads failover framework swf files from your server.

      I don’t think this post makes much sense now as swz files are no longer hosted on your server. It only make sense if you host swz files on your server.

      Hope that helps.

      • No, This post still makes much sence even though swz files are downloaded from adobe server.

        Great post. I had the same issue and got resolved thru the IIS configuration. We have a client who has secure interanet. we developed an application for their interanet. They run their network in very secure manner. They do not have open access to internet. Only some specific Sites can be visited in their network. They were getting the same issue. I spent 1 full day to find out solution to #2032 and visited several post and tried various method like crossdomain.xml etc but no luck. Finaly I landed to this post and worked like a miracle. I asked client to configure the IIS server as ,mentioned in this post and it worked. Thanks a lot for this post.. Keep the good work up.

  10. i have the same problem with win7 platform and ubuntu
    Error RSL # 2032
    This problem appear in some pc.can someone to help me?

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