Setting up port 80 on Windows 2008 server for FMS or Wowza running IIS7 alongside

It’s been a long time since I wrote any article. It was more of being laziness on my part and also because sometimes you have NDA’s not allowing you to share your technical misadventure(s) with the folks of your community.

So this one is just setting up port 80 for FMS and Wowza (Red5 maybe didn’t tried setting up port for it) and for that matter any application which you want to setup on port 80 alongside other ports for the particular IP on which you want to setup that particular application.

The pre-requisites here are that you have more then 1 IP on the Windows 2008 server on which you are going to install your streaming server In case you want to keep IIS running alongside on the same server. BTW if you are looking for setting up port 80 on Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server please visit Stefan’s blog he has a very well written post updated for both 2000 and 2003 windows server Running Flashcom Server alongside IIS.

Technical part:

I have searched around and found this article by Steve Schofield. He setup apache alongside IIS on another IP and assigned port 80 to that.

As we know Windows always assign port 80 by default to IIS on all IP setup on a machine. So whenever we setup any application on any IP we have to first remove IIS from its port 80 only then we can assign the port 80 to our other application on that particular IP.  I will just copy paste the steps written on Steves blog for straight reference here:

  1. Added or make sure your machine has at least two IPs (just for example and
  2. “Open an [elevated] command prompt”. i.e. you need to run command prompt as an administrator as UAC will block this command.
  3. Type netsh
  4. Type http
  5. Type sho iplisten.  It should be blank
  6. Type add iplisten ipaddress= You should get IP address successfully added
  7. Type sho iplisten again. It should sho in the list
  8. Type exit to get out of netsh
  9. Type netstat -an. See if you notice in the list.  If you see, do an iisreset

Now Install Wowza or FMS and then you can mention port 80 against a particular IP on which you want to setup your these streaming servers.

For Wowza:

goto: conf>vhost.xml – In IpAddress tag mention the 2nd IP on which you want to setup wowza in this case it’s

In Port tag mention port 1935,80 using comma as a separator and after saving vhost file restart the Wowza service.

For FMS:

In FMS you can edit listening ports at two places, one at

conf>fms.ini -> In this file look for ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT tag there place port 80 after 1935 using comma separator. Add IP in front of color for example,80 Make sure you don’t have # in front of ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT as it comment out the line.

The other place you can edit is directly in Adaptor.xml which is there inside folder conf\_defaultRoot_ look for HostPort add IP:Port(s) using comma separate as giving in the commenting section of adaptor.xml file. So in our example case it will be like,80 in place of ${ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT} which is using variables defined in fms.ini.

You just make sure you update it only at single place in fms.ini or in adaptor.xml.

After updating the file restart both FMS services.

After installing your streaming server and configuring port 80 for them you can check if the respective IPs are listening to their port 80 by using netstat -an at command line.

In our example case it should show up something like: and

Then you can test out by connecting to your streaming server from your machine using rtmp://ip:80/appname. It should work.

Just hope it helps…