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Flash player plugin in Google Chrome now

June 26, 2010 Comments off

Finally Google Chrome has come out with an integrated Flash player, Google released Chrome 5.0.375.86 to the Stable channel on Linux, Mac, and Windows, with a fix for around five security bugs. Built-in Flash was previously only available in the developer and beta releases of browser, and the release to the Stable channel means the integrated plug-in is now available in its mainstream version. Integration of Flash Player means that future upgrades to the player will be delivered directly by browser updates. It’s a great news for flash community as just a few days back Google has given Flash player Mobile the go on Android 2.2 phones.

Uninstall Flash player from Chrome:

If you don’t want to use Flash in Chrome, you can just type “about:plugins” in the address bar in Chrome and disable the plugin.

Install debug version of Flash player on Chrome:

If you want to debug version of Flash player in Chrome, then first you need to disable flash player already installed in Chrome using steps mentioned in above paragraph, and then install a debug version of flash player plug-in.

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